Letter to the gourmands

The rediscover and preservation of the products and/or the typical dishes of the Italian culture, in Lunigiana does not exist.  It is not necessary to invest resources o to appeal to patriotic feelings, seeing that, during the centuries, our cuisine has never undergone any modifications and has never undergone international mixtures but, vice versa, it continues to propose the usual ingredients and preparations without give in to global market flatteries.
In case of a snack even a of a banquet, hundreds restaurants, taverns and agriturismi of our territory will offer you taste ecstasy moments, we are ready to bet with you.
Even if on our territory there is a homogeneous diffusion of typical dishes native to some particular areas, we advise you to experience the cooking into cast iron testi (sort of flat pan) and we recommend to require only local specialities:
at Pontremoli: his majesty the Testarolo
at Malgrate, Bagnone, Iera e Villafranca: the onion of Treschietto
at Podenzana: the Panigaccio
from Bagnone to Mulazzo: old and surprising, the bastard Lasagne  (made of chestnut flour))  at Comano, Tavernelle and Crespiano: humble and nutritious, the Bean of Bigliolo in the Magra Valley: food and symbol, the Lamb of Zeri
in eastern Lunigiana: Focaccette with cheeses and Filet of Lunigiana
everywhere: the “food” par excellence, the Bread = of Vinca, of Po, of Agnino, La Marocca di Casola


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