Portovenere e Lerici





Portovenere (HD)

The pitoresque maritime villge dates back to the 12th century; with its multicolored houses and its calm and relaxed pace, reminds the magic lost times.
St. Peter church, that still today seems to protect the village from the pirates, had been built in 1277 on top of the ruins of a old Christian church (5th century), in the same place where existed a pagan temple dedicated to the goddes Venus.


Lerici (HD)

The mild climate and its geographical position, easy reachable but secluded, make of Lerici a destination worth visited all year round. The brilliant green of the mediterranean vegetation, the multicolored bloomings, and the rich blue of the sea caractherize this extreme strip of Liguria which for ages hosts and inspires international artists.
Its Genuise fortress (13th century) still today admonishes from the distance the boats which look for a shelter in the near Gulf of La Spezia.

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