The world of Carrara marble





Carrara marble quarries

We wish to let you know a different and fascinating reality, a combination of fatigue and brilliance, ancient sweat and modern technology. The world of marble is not just the excavation or processing of a stone, but the history of a territory and its population, that have been synonyms of marble itself for ages.
The quarries, the techniques and the history, as well as the quarrymen’s villages, their thousand-year habits and customs, their language, their food and everyday life.


The marble quarries by off road 4×4 vehicle (HD approx. 3 ½ hrs. – max 8 persons)

Who visits Carrara marble basins remains astonished by the winding and steep roads which drive  up to the highest peaks.
To see from a distance trucks which incessantly challenge technical and human limits, make us rise the wish to try the  same thrill.


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