Pontremoli and Stele Statues Museum

Pontremoli, the gateway to Tuscany – Pontremoli, Piagnaro castle and Ponticello (FD)
Considered the capital of Lunigiana, defined  by Filippo Augusto (1185) “ …gateway to Italy and Tuscany…” Pontremoli has always lived an independent life, sometimes far from other surrounding towns. The town is true, rich and superb.


The merchants’ palaces The Baroque Pontremoli (HD)

Across the ‘600 and the ‘700 the ambitious and alive Pontremoli takes fully advantage of its ideal location.





The Francigena trail in Lunigiana SS. Annunziata, Filattiera, S. Caprasio, Sarzana (FD)
The road has got its own rules, the road is the true travelling companion, the road is Homo viator (wayfarer) life, is the practical sign of the existential itinerary, place of mystery, symbol of the unknown, attractive and terrible at the same time.







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